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Our Story

Once upon a time, antique marble mantels were an interior design feature, only accessible by the Gilded Age elite.

Today, Mantel House brings this historic architecture to modern-day homes — a preservation of history, and a progression of style. 

Mantel House is a highly sought-after purveyor of antique marble mantels. Our unparalleled online mantel shop features curated, restored mantels that can be intricately customized, or shipped as-is. In addition to our online shop, we offer both private sourcing services and expert consultations to clients all over the world. 


"This website is a selection of salvaged mantels I have purchased, each with a beautiful history that will elevate your interior spaces. To me, the fireplace represents the soul of the home. The search for these mantels never ends and is a source of endless enjoyment."

- Molly Acorn, Founder & Creator

Meet Molly

Molly Acorn cultivated an eye for beauty and quality as a young girl, bonding with her mother over fashion and antiques. Molly went on to hold a creative director position at the New York headquarters of a top global fragrance house, where she developed her styling skills, and became enamored with home interiors.

Mantel House was created in 2020, born from Molly’s own quest to install a marble mantel in her 1890's Victorian row house, and powered by a lifetime of appreciation for quality and craftsmanship.

"Your expertise and patience throughout this journey has been our favorite home renovation partnership to date and made the renovation our brownstone that much more fun and meaningful."

 - Addis, Brooklyn, NY


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